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Working Environment: The comprehensive office building covers an area of 9314 , total 7 layers, it is the integration of research and development, administration and marketing services as a whole; Modern office facilities and humanized office environment provide guarantee for employees to work efficiently and comfortably.

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Production environment: Single-layer workshop covers an area of 17000 , is the production base for charging pile and reactor for new energy car, equipped with assembly, wiring, assembly, debugging, etc... Advanced and complete hardware facilities, orderly production process, and improve production efficiency while ensuring the quality of products. Multi-layer factory building covers an area of 45000 ,total five layers, is the production base for medium/ low voltage inverter, power system assembly, bulbar, motor and other products. The software and hardware facilities in the factory are fully equipped, which has realized the unification of modern management and lean production, which has provided favorable support for the company to expand capacity, improve quality and reduce operating costs.

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Testing equipment: The "Wuhan Hiconics industrial park integrated testing center" has been established with the four business sectors, which are the "new energy power assembly, charging pile, frequency conversion drive and electrical components" in the industrial park. Wuhan base, at a preliminary level, has built-in motor back-to-back loading experiment platform, high speed/low speed motor controller bench experiment platform, auxiliary power converter/battery charger and so on multi-function test platform, vibration, and waterproof, dustproof, salt fog, cold and hot shock, high and low temperature cycle, three comprehensive test equipment, high and low temperature vibration test system provide strong technical support for new energy and frequency conversion products.

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Living Environment: Dining hall covers an area of 5889.20 , consists of two layers, can accommodate 600 people dining at the same time. With spacious and clean environment, warm and comfortable atmosphere, it is a good platform for staff to have a rest and exchange feelings. Dormitory building covers an area of 7191.40 , totally 6 layer, air conditioning, water heater, independent bath room facilities complete, variety of room Settings, can accommodate 513 people. The warm and comfortable living environment is the second home of Wuhan Hiconics people. The fitness center is located in the four and five floors of the dining room, with all kinds of modern sports facilities including indoor badminton, ping-pong ball, billiards, snooker, magnetic fitness car, treadmill, dumbbells and other modern sports facilities. It is a great place for employees to strengthen health and recreation. The modern all-plastic outdoor basketball court and badminton field are the places where Wuhan Hiconics people play the game and interact with each other. Here, they are splashing their sweat and showing the passion and vitality of Wuhan Hiconics people!

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