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Working Environment: The breeze blows over the bonsai, the fragrance, the warmth and the rigorous work atmosphere, make people linger; The quiet and white wall, with a long history of the performance of Hiconics, makes the staff diligent; Humanized rules and regulations, always inspire the partners to make progress together; The most trustworthy impressions of clients are the certificates of honor and the well-placed project information. Clean and neat desk and chair, Fresh and clean floor, give people a clean and tidy mood.


Production environment: In the base, industrial factory Cover 26000 square meters, the natural environment is superior, the workshop is clean and tidy, production assembly line in good order, and adhere to the production of 7 S essence, applying PDCA circulation, continue to improve the work quality, product quality and service quality; Promote QCC activities to enhance the sense of belonging and cohesion; Adopt ERP system, OA system, CRM system to integrate orders, procurement, production and logistics coordination, ensure the accurate, timely and reliable delivery.


Testing equipment: The base has 12 load test units, with 3200kW motor for back-to-back testing, 800kW motor for back-to-back testing, and 630kW single machine debugging ability. Of which, the double 3200KW/double motors linkage/ master-slave control is the first in China. It can completely simulate the site conditions to carry out the test of the company's inverter before the factory, and realize the real test of the loading and aging test before delivery.



Living Environment: The standardized staff canteen is built in the base to meet the basic dietary requirements of all employees of the enterprise. Have a more humanized rest environment, let the worker feel like the warmth in the home; Equipped with fitness equipment, table tennis, badminton and other equipment and facilities, rich staff amateur cultural life, enhance enterprise cohesion.


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