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Chairman's Statement


Hello! Welcome to the official website of HICONICS !

Energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection, to achieve sustainable energy development , that have become the inescapable responsibility  of human beings, that is a sacred mission.HICONICS is a professional engaged in industrial automation and new energy equipment high-tech group, which owns four wholly-owned subsidiary, 31 holding subsidiaries. Leaders at all levels and the community with the full support of colleagues, HICONICS can always focus on energy-saving emission reduction areas, adhering to the "quality, innovation, efficiency and win-win" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the " Green technology for the benefit of human” of the corporate mission, based in Beijing, the radiation, to the world, continue to improve energy efficiency, out of a unique development with the characteristics of the road.

A strong group is needed to start from bit by bit. Looking back on the hardships of the entrepreneurial process, in today, HICONICS Group can stand out from the market competition that can’t without good reputation and diligent and pragmatic work team. We have high quality products to serve the users and the community, with good business performance return to investors, with modern corporate governance structure and attention to personal career to attract and gather high-quality talent to join, with two-way selection, mutual trust, mutual Responsible attitude to build a harmonious staff team. HICONICS is with innovative and integrity efforts to build a "boutique business" - boutique products, capable team, quality of life!

New situation and new opportunities. Facing the future, we have only one goal: With its own strength to contribute to the community , with "integrity and quality" to shape the group image , with the brand and strength to build a global strong enterprises. We are convinced that: through the unremitting efforts of HICONICS, HICONICS Group will be more robust pace, advancing with the times. We are willing to work with you to create a more brilliant tomorrow.

Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd.

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