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Apr.     Found ”WuHan Hiconics Industrial Park Testing Center”.


Mar.    Found "Hiconics technology Co., Ltd.", develop the elevator high performance VFD products series.

Mar.    HICONICS has been in the country's larger range of layouts in the CHANGDEE series,in Pingdingshan, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Yantai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Harbin, Chongqing and other cities to set up new energy vehicles operating companies.

Nov.    Strategic transformation, “Hiconics Drive Technology Co., Ltd.”changed to“Hiconics Eco-energy technology Co., Ltd.”.


Jan.      Merger and acquisition Shenzhen SUNYE ELECTRIC Co. Ltd., rich in LV VFD, new energy automotive drive and servo drive products.

May.    Found the new energy vehicles operating company——Beijing Chang Dee technology development Co., Ltd , Wuhan Chang Dee technology Co., Ltd , Wuhan Hiconics intelligent electric Co., Ltd . This company focus on the electric car time-sharing leasing, charging network operation services, accelerate the development of new energy vehicles and charging pile industry chain.

Dec.     Found 'Wuhan Hiconics electric connection system Co., Ltd' , which focus on the laminated busbar / reactor manufacturing.

Dec.     Merger and acquisition "Beijing Huatairunda energy sawing technology Co., Ltd" hold stake of "Luanpinghuitong Photovoltaic Power Generation Co., Ltd" , dedicated to industrial energy conservation and environment protection, comprehensive utilization of resources, promotion of photovoltaic power system applications.


Jan.       Found "Wuhan Hiconics Power technology Co., Ltd" , enter the new energy bus system assembly and related products territory.

Nov.     China's first (10000kw/6kV) water-cooled VFD successfully put into operation in the field of nuclear power.

Dec.      HICONICS HV VFD occupies the first place in the industry, accounting for 16% of the market.


Jan.      HICONICS rated as a "Tax Credit Grade A Enterprise" once again.

Mar.     Succeeded holding the “ VFD Denitration Technology Seminar ”in Nanjing.

May     Fourth times won thehonorary title ofTop 100 Units of Tax Payment ”.

Jul.       HICONICS products obtain "Mining Certificate" once again.

Jul.       Successfully become a qualified supplier of CNNC.

Aug.     HICONICS selected as "HV VFD Top 10 Brands, Contract Energy Management Top 10 Brands and Top 10 Popular Brands”.

Aug.     Second times won honorary title of “Beijing Famous Trademark”.

Sep.      HICONICS products was identified as "Quality Reliable Products".

Nov.     3.3kV series of products to the successful operation of the African Garner KaiPeng water expansion project.

Dec.     Merger and acquisition 40% stock of Dorna technology Co., Ltd , extended development of automation products.

Nov.     Overseas performance is developing rapidly, to achieve new breakthroughs, to achieve the cross from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere.


Feb.      Hiconics low voltage inverter was successfully applied to Tangshan Yannan cement production line.

Mar.    Hiconics was selected to "2012 Forbes China best potential enterprise".

Apr.     The first set medium voltage inverter (2.3 kV/60Hz ) was exported to Mexico.

Apr.     <<Mine product safety mark certificates>> was obtained by mine explosion-proof products.

May.    Hiconics was once again re-elected the "key enterprises in Shijingshan " and the "top 100 tax payers" enterprises.

July.      Hiconics (Wuhan) won the title of "gazelle enterprise" in 2012.

July.     Hiconics inverter has been awarded "the 9th frequency inverter industry entrepreneur BBS" ” the top ten brand of medium voltage inverter” and “the ten major brands of contract energy management”.

Oct.      Hiconics inverter exported to many countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries, which were used in oil, chemical, thermal power industries. Those inverters were smoothly went through the inspection and acceptance of foreign experts.

Nov.    Hiconics has signed two sets of 6kV/5600kW medium voltage inverters with Ma Anshan power generation co. LTD, which is the largest medium voltage inverter in China. And successfully put it into operation.

Nov.    The 6kV maximum capacity inverter has been successfully delivered to Datang group, which has been well received by users.

Nov.    The series of synchronous vector type high voltage inverter has been awarded the title of "most competitive product of the year".

Nov.    Hiconics is awarded as "designer preference top 10 frequency inverter brand".

Nov.    Won the "2012 Saier observe contracts and keep promises integrity partner" award.

Nov.    Hiconics has successfully passed the review of the qualification of high and new technology enterprises by Beijing science and technology commission, Beijing municipal finance bureau, Beijing municipal taxation bureau and Beijing municipal taxation bureau.

Dec.    Won the "top 10 of China's electric appliance industry in 2012".


Jan.      Hiconics (Wuhan) 85 mu of land successfully listed, serial number: EPI(2010)043.

Jan.      Won the "2010 Zhongguancun strategic emerging industry high growth top 50".

Jan.      Hiconics has been awarded the "tax credit A-level enterprise" again.

Feb.      Hiconics is recognized as "Beijing technical center enterprise".

Mar.    Hiconis is listed “China's potential enterprises in 2011”by Forbes.

Mar.    The domestic first synchronous motor vector control medium voltage inverter developed by Hiconics has been put into operation.

May.    Start Hiconics (Wuhan) industrial park laying foundation ceremony. 

May.     Hiconics purchased 70% stock equity of Variable frequency transformer (Shanghai) co. LTD.

May.     The cumulative order of hiconics has reached 3000 sets.

July.      Hiconics and Jinding coal machinery mining industry of Shanxi Jincheng anthracite mining group signed strategic cooperation memorandum.

July.      Hiconics won the "top ten management team of gem listed company".

Aug.     Hiconics obtained explosion-proof production license.

Aug.     The 11kV/7700kW medium voltage inverter exports the BIRLA copper plant in India, which is used in the largest electrolytic copper production line in Asia, and has achieved the most brilliant performance of the medium voltage inverter.

Sep.      Beijing hiconics electric co., LTD was established, focusing on the manufacturing of power distribution switch control equipment, medium/low voltage switchgear.

Oct.      "Medium voltage big power synchronous vector control with energy feedback inverter" passed technical identification.


Jan.      Hiconics drive technology co., LTD. has successfully landed in the Shenzhen stock exchange, stock is referred to as the "Hiconics drive" and the securities code is "300048".

Feb.     Awarded the key laboratory of Zhongguancun.

May.    Hiconics was awarded the first major technical equipment demonstration project enterprise.

June.    The trademark of "Hiconics" is recognized as a famous trademark in Beijing.

July.      Hiconics was awarded the 7th Chinese inverter users satisfied top ten domestic brands.

Aug.     Hiconics drive technology (Wuhan) co., LTD was established, successively set up a series of medium and low voltage inverters and servo motors

Aug.     The total order quantity of the Hiconics medium voltage inverter has exceeded 2000 sets.

Aug.     Hiconics passed the verification of national development and reform commission and the ministry of finance energy conservation services.

Aug.     The 11kV/7700kW medium voltage inverter of hiconics has been put into operation in Birla of India and applied to the largest electrolytic copper (cathode copper) production line in Asia.

Sep.     The development and production base in the east lake new technology development zone of Wuhan is built by Hiconics with Super raise funds 211.85 million yuan.

Sep.       Hiconics was awarded "The first batch of energy conservation service companies (first batch) released by the national development and reform commission (NDRC) and jointly released by the national development and reform commission.

Oct.      Hiconics won the "50 fastest companies in China" award from Deloitte & Touche.

Nov.      With a total area of 23594 square meters, it has the capacity to produce 1200 sets of medium voltage inverters.

Nov.      Hiconics was awarded the "2010 China top 30 of inverter brand suppliers", "best service satisfaction evaluation owner supply", "2010 top ten most competitive investment supplier for medium voltage inverter " and "credit enterprise of China inverter pacesetter" .

Dec.      Hiconics has singed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with State Power from South.

Dec.     <<The research on the technology of meidum voltage variable frequency speed control of belt machine>> of hiconics was identified by scientific results.


Feb.     Hiconics 6kV medium voltage inverter used in mine was the first one passed by the inspection of national coal mine explosion-proof screening center and obtained the general KY authentication of mine.

Mar.    The foundation ceremony of Hiconics new factory was held in Yizhuang economic development zone.

April.  Hiconics start using a new logo.

Jun.     Hiconics  won “ten domestic brands of the sixth China frequency converter user satisfaction”.

Jun.    "Beijing hiconics technology co., LTD" is changed to "Beijing hiconics drive technology co., LTD."

Jun.    Hiconics was elected the "star enterprise" and chairman Liu jincheng was elected the "top 10 star entrepreneurs".

Jun.     Hiconics was identified as Beijing high-tech enterprise.

Jul.      Hiconics was elected Beijing independent innovation products.

Aug.    The roof finished ceremony was held at the production base of Yizhuang.

Oct.      The domestic first synchronous hoist medium voltage inverter of hiconics is put into operation at Shandong Xinwen mining bureau.


Mar.      The selling performance exceeded 500 sets.

April.    Hiconics was awarded "Beijing civilization unit.

May.     The Once-through with loading experiment of large power synchronous motor vector control meidium voltage inverter of hiconics was carried out at the Linfen cement factory in Shanxi province.

May.    Hiconics was elected "2007 annual medium voltage converter industry brand catalogue".

Jun.      Hiconics was awarded "innovative pilot enterprise" by Beijing Zhongguancun park.

Jun.     Hiconics was elected the top ten domestic brands of the 5th Chinese converter users are satisfied with.

Jul.       The integration project of centrifugal main fan speed adjustment and automatic monitoring was successfully accepted.

Aug.    Hiconics was awarded the third prize of " the first Huaihai science and technology award".

Sep.     Hiconis was elected "2008 independent intellectual property rights innovation products in Shijingshan district" and "key enterprises in Shijingshan district".

Oct.     The 7600kW medium voltage inverter of the Hiconics passed inspection by the state electric control power distribution equipment quality supervision and inspection center.

Nov.    Hiconics was collected into catalogue of environmental protection industrial equipment encouraged by the current state.

Nov.    The 6kV/630kW inverter of Hiconics was exported to India.

Dec.     Hiconics won "2006-2007 Shijingshan science and technology award”.


May.      Hiconics won the top ten brand of frequency converter.

Aug.      Hiconics was elected the first council member of Chinese electric appliance industry association.

Oct.        The project of mine main ventilator and hoist has been awarded "certificate of scientific and technological achievements of Anhui province".

Nov.      Hiconics won the top ten domestic brands of the 4th Chinese converter users are satisfied with.

Dec.       Hiconics won the Beijing "civilized integrity unit".

Dec.       Mine hoist (vector control) medium voltage variable frequency speed control device won the third prize in the science and technology of Shijingshan district in 2005-2006.


Feb.      The 100 HV VFD settled in Chongqing Tongxing Waste Power Co., Ltd., marked HV VFD into the garbage power generation new areas.

Mar.     10kV series HV VFD products have passed the strict test of the national quality supervision and inspection center of electrical control distribution equipment, and issued the "inspection report”.

Jun.      Was named " Chinese users most satisfied with the domestic HV VFD brand” top three.

Sep.      Won “National Torch Program Certificate”.

Sep.      The ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification through the surveillance audit.

Nov.     “HICONICS” registered trademark success.

Nov.      HIVERT series VFD software V1.30 issued software copyright registration certificate.

Dec.      Participate in the appraisal sponsored by the Huaibei Mining Bureau, HICONICS HV VFD speed governing device has been highly recognized by the expert group. The mine main hoist, HV VFD with mine fan two scientific achievement appraisal certificate.


Mar.     The market of HV VFD in full swing, began to establish the office in the northeast, east, northwest and central. 

Mar.     Signed purchase and sales contract with Chongqing Iron and Panzhihua Iron, marked the market competitiveness of the HICONICS HV VFD in metallurgy field.

Jun.      Opened the international market, signed the contract of 6kV/4000kW large power VFD with Russia.

Jul.        Won “Project Certificate of Beijing Torch Program”.

Aug.     Beijing city patent was approved as a pilot unit.

Sep.      Signed a purchase and sale contract with Datang Hancheng thermal power and Xuanwei electric power plant, marking the beginning of the establishment of friendly cooperative relations with the five major power generation groups.

Dec.      To participate in the national and industry related technical standards and conditions, to join the working group drafting standards, and promote the HV VFD  industry standards work.

Dec.      Set up a research and development group of synchronous motor speed control system, synchronous motor speed is expected to launch products in 2007.


Apr.      Beijing product standard registration certificate.

May     Awarded ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate.

Oct.      Recognized by the Beijing science and Technology Commission as a high-tech enterprise, issued the "High-Tech Enterprise Accreditation Certificate."

Nov.     The company moved to Shijingshan science and Technology Park in Southern District, purchased advanced production equipment, assembly line, improved working conditions, realized the development, production, sales integration, greatly improve work efficiency.

Dec.     HIVERT series VFD software V1.20 issued software copyright registration certificate.


Jun.      Found"Beijing  Hiconics technology Co., Ltd”.

Nov.     With Hubei Metallurgical Group identified a 6Kv/1800kW dust fan HV VFD, at that  time that VFD was one of the largest domestic power products.

Dec.     The first performance of petrochemical industry.

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