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Hiconics VFD Technology Promotion Meeting in Handan Station Ended Successfully

views:   date:2020-8-18 14:27:55

To explore the application trend of domestic medium-voltage drive and promote the win-win cooperation, as well as development of steel enterprises. On the morning of August 15, 2020, the promotion meeting of "Hiconics VFD"  technology was successfully held at Zhaowang Hotel in Handan city, Hebei Province. Experts and leaders from many steel enterprises gathered together to witness the development, application and new product value of Hiconics medium-voltage drives.


The promotion has focused on Hiconics general medium-voltage drive (the fourth generation), water medium-voltage drive, medium-voltage permanent magnet synchronous direct drive inverter and other contents.  "This is the first time Hiconics has a deep conversation with various steel mills in Handan city and its surrounding cities to exchange in-depth ideas, as well as building up a "zero distance" face to face communication platform, hens to provide a broad space for cooperation and further potential possibilities for steel mills in Handan, as weil surrounding urban areas. Zhiliang LI, vice president of marketing & sales department said in his speech.  "The localization of medium-voltage drive is getting better and better. The promotion meeting held by Hiconics surely can accelerate the new consensus reached by both sides, promote new intention of cooperation, and create new sparks of cooperation, thus creating a new chapter of energy conservation and environmental protection for Chinese steel enterprises." Li Zhiliang said.


At the end of the meeting, engineer Sun Chang from Handan Steel Group Handan Iron and Steel Co., LTD., as a special guest, explained the on-site operation of the Hanbao iron and Steel continuous casting secondary cooling water pump set project of Hiconics medium-voltage inverter. Sun Chang said that, since the establishment of the station in 2007, Hiconics medium-voltage drive has been directly used in the continuous casting secondary cold water pump group project of Steel-fabrication Plant. Later, in the equipment capacity expansion and upgrade in 2017, Hiconics fourth-generation medium-voltage drive has been directly used. Whether it is at the beginning of the project to build, or after the expansion of the project, HIconics medium-voltage inverter in the application of baosteel plant is very successful, not only in the process of equipment operation and energy saving, more hasten is reasonable and operation way, further improve the degree of automation control level, greatly improved the operation condition, has obtained the remarkable economic and social benefits. Although the one-time investment of frequency conversion speed regulating device is larger, but the return brings a huge, long-term, and worthy promoting vigour.

Through this promotion meeting, the exchange and communication between Hiconics and Handan Iron and Steel Group and other iron and steel enterprises were strengthened. At the meeting, the steel enterprises have a further understanding of Hiconics medium-voltage drive, and have a deep understanding of the energy efficiency of domestic medium-voltage drive application. The successful holding of this promotion meeting laid a good foundation for the further cooperation between Hiconics and Handan Steel enterprises

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