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Hiconics won the champion of this year's ""Deloitte E-Town High-tech, High-Growth Top 20"!

views:   date:2019-11-8 17:35:32

 On November 5, 2019, Deloitte China and the Management Committee of Beijing E-Town Economic and Technological Development Zone officially announced the 2019 "Deloitte e-Town High-tech, High-Growth Top 20" list. Hiconics takes part in this actitivity for the first time, with an average three-year growth rate as high as 251% during the selection period, it has become the champion of this year's "Top 20" enterprises, which demonstrates Hiconics's growth ability, and strength to make scientific and technological innovations. 



    The "Deloitte E-Town High-tech, High-Growth Top 20 Project" is a high-growth enterprise selection project jointly created by Deloitte and ECDC. It aims to find the outstanding talents who keep innovating and pursuing excellence in ECDC, so as to lay a solid foundation for cultivating unicorns, listed enterprises and even great enterprises in the future. Hiconics's long-term commitment to provide users with efficient, stable personalized solutions of variable frequency and adjustable speed, the general MV drive series, water-cooling MV drive series, medium synchronous/asynchronous vector drive with stable performance and remarkable energy saving effect,  has been winning the user's consistent high praise, the market share increase year by year (until 2019, Hiconics has reached NO.1 in domestic market share)


    The wining of  the "top 20, Deloitte E-Town high-tech, high growth, project" award, is not only fully affirmed the involution of Hiconics, the industry and society will also promote Hiconics continues to increase R&D input, promote technological innovation, perfect service system, to ensure the quality of products and services, hense to improve the comprehensive economic benefits of customers,  and promote the development of the energy conservation, as well as theemissions reduction in China.

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