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Hiconics's VFD Helps Energy Conservation And Efficiency In Coal Field

views:   date:2021-4-23 16:52:52

Accelerating the construction of smart mines and smart coal mines is the development trend of China's "14th Five-Year" coal mine field, and also the inevitable choice of the coal industry toward high-quality development. On April 22, 2021, with the theme of "Intelligent Mining, Green Energy", the 20th Taiyuan Coal (Energy) Industrial Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2021 opened grandly in China (Taiyuan) Coal Trading Center. 

After many years, Midea Group's Hiconics brought six high-efficiency frequency converters compatible with the whole series of voltage levels to Taiyuan Coal Exhibition. Multiple cabinet types, a number of innovative frequency conversion solutions

The venue was crowded. The six types of high-efficiency frequency converters on display in Hiconics exhibition area not only attracted the attention of a large number of participants, but also many old customers of Shanxi local coal mines talked directly with each other, making Hiconics exhibition area the focus of the exhibition.

In the exhibition area of Hekang Xineng T308, The HIVERT 4th generation general high voltage frequency converter (new cabinet type), CM530 series general flux vector control frequency converter, CM530HS synchronous motor open-loop vector special driver, CM580 high performance modular flux vector control frequency converter, E500 (S) series open-loop vector frequency converter, five general high and low voltage frequency converters for coal mine are displayed. It has the characteristics of high overload capacity, super power grid adaptability, large torque and quick start, etc., which is more suitable for domestic power grids and industrial equipment applications.

The HIVERT 4th Generation Universal High Voltage Converter adopts a newly developed high-power density all-in-one machine, which is smaller in size and saves space compared with high-voltage converters of the same power, and fully meets the special needs of users. On site technical engineers introduced the innovative technology and energy efficiency application of exhibits to visitors in a professional manner.

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