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Meet the team
Adhere to independent research and development and innovation, and be a pioneer in the field of local industrial automation
hundred million
R&D capital investment
R&D personnel
30% Master's and Ph.D
Authorized patents
The layout of Hekang New Energy Base
The layout of Hekang New Energy Base

Beijing (Headquarters)

As the headquarters, Beijing covers the functional system, as well as the R&D center and production base of high-voltage/household storage/optical inversion

Changsha (Riye Electric)

As a low-voltage production base

Suzhou (R&D Center)

Suzhou set up a photovoltaic inversion/low voltage/household storage R&D center

Hefei (Distributed PV EPC)

Hefei set up a distributed photovoltaic EPC operation headquarters

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Contact us
Contact us